Tommy Kraft

Visual Effects Artist, Director, Writer, Cinematographer, Musician

About Me:

As you may have guessed, my name is Tommy Kraft, and I do all the fun stuff up there under my name.¬†Over the past eight years of my career, I’ve built a unique and diverse skill set by doing as much as I could and as best as I could.

Chief among these things I learned and will be learning until the day I stop learning things is visual effects. This powerful tool in the filmmaker’s arsenal is one that, when used properly and with respect for the story being told, will create surreal cyberpunk city streets…

Bold New Worlds…

Visual effects can create just about any world we can imagine, from transforming an actress on a green screen, to scifi interiors and even  spaceships and entire planets.



My other main passion is cinematography, which goes hand-in-hand with visual effects. My extensive experience as a director of photography, gaffer, and grip, afford me the unique ability to understand exactly what is needed on a film set to best capture the scene and the story.

Painting With Light…

Arguably one of the most important aspects of defining a film’s tone is the way the camera moves through a scene and the way light is used to create emotion.


When it comes to a college degree, I faced a dilemma: film or music. I always loved them both, but film is what I wanted most. However, tuition assistance led me to Albion College. A school with a great music program, but no film. Albion is where I honed skills I’d been developing from childhood. I graduated with a degree in music, specializing in guitar and voice. I compose mainly for film, but occasionally I’ll write a song or two as well.